The Streatham Festival and Bingo Girls!

The fabulous Streatham Festival has started! In its sixth year, the Festival is full of music, comedy, drama, storytelling, film, dance and much more. I’m sure everyone in the area is tremendously grateful to Patricia Sauer, the Chair of the Streatham Festival Association, and her team for putting on this fantastic event.

As Patricia says, “Streatham was once full of great places to enjoy the theatre, music and comedy and was home to many world-class performers.
“The festival helps keep that spirit alive by nurturing new and emerging talent”.

I had the pleasure of being invited to a private showing of local artist, Tim Sutton’s “Bingo Girls” exhibition last night, which features in the Festival and which I thought really captured the spirit of this place – outgoing, eclectic and multicultural. “Bingo Girls” is a portrait exhibition celebrating the Streatham Bingo Hall and the people paying for it’s preservation (ie. the bingo players who frequent the building). I am pictured with one of the wonderful bingo ladies who features in the exhibition next to her picture.

For more info on Bingo Girls click here, and for more info on the Streatham Festival which carries on until next Sunday, click here.

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