Labour announces strategy to transform cancer care

St George's Hospital in neighbouring TootingThe government has launched a new Cancer Strategy which, supported by an investment of £370 million by 2010, will majorly improve existing cancer care. The strategy will build a world-class cancer service, helping to save more lives and ensure patients in Streatham and across the country get the care they deserve.

The NHS has made significant progress on cancer treatment under Labour; from extending screening for breast and bowel cancer to reducing waiting times for referral and treatment for cancer patients.

Labour’s new cancer strategy will do more to prevent cancer, diagnose cancer more quickly and provide even better care. Measures will include further extending breast and bowel cancer screening, investing £200 million to increase radiotherapy capacity and a new HPV vaccine to help reduce cervical cancer. Under these plans those who have, or have had, cancer will be offered free one-to-one care in their homes by a specialist personal nurse.

Speaking about the plans Gordon Brown said: “Instead of arriving at a hospital and hoping to see the nurse or the doctor you had before, that nurse will stay with you. And that nurse would be able to help you at home as well as when you arrive at the hospital. This one-to-one care is how we plan to develop lots of other services in future.”

Chuka Umunna commented: “This new strategy means that patients will have a cancer test within one week of seeing their GP, and could result in 10,000 lives a year being saved, including many right here in Streatham.”