Brixton Hill By-election: Why I am backing Labour’s Martin Tiedemann

Tomorrow there will be a By-election in Brixton Hill, where local residents will get the opportunity to have their say as to who should be the new councillor representing the ward. I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to vote – Councillors have an awesome responsibility to get the best for the people they serve, and I think it is incredibly important that the whole community plays their part in choosing who their local councillor is.

I am backing the Labour candidate, Martin Tiedemann, because Martin is a fantastic local candidate with an incredibly strong record of campaigning to get the best for local people in Brixton Hill. I know Martin will fight for the jobs and action on crime that local people want; that he will work day in and day out to secure the best transport, education and housing for the whole of the community, and that he won’t saddle people with extra council tax like others campaigning in this election want to do.

People in our community feel under extreme attack at the moment from a Liberal Democrat and Conservative government that seems to have a callous disregard for local people, their livelihoods, housing and the rising cost of living. Local Liberal Democrats and Conservatives made so many promises to get their government elected which have since been broken – and now they have the cheek to ask for local people to give them their votes when they’ve slashed police numbers, caused crisis in the NHS and failed to act to get help get people, particularly our young, into work.

I hope that we can send a message to the Liberal Democrat and Tory Parties, that local people don’t deserve to be treated this way – and more than that I hope Martin will be elected to Brixton Hill because I am certain he will deliver on the issues that matter for local residents.

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Details of the election can be found on Lambeth Councils website:

Martin Tiedemann’s website can be viewed at