How Labour becomes relevant and future-facing once again

The contest is over, the result was decisive and the question of the Labour leadership is settled. So Jeremy Corbyn is right to move things on and put the Labour party on a general election footing, given that this may well come next May or sooner.  Continue reading

Now is not the time to walk off the field

Keir Hardie and the founders of the Labour Party were clear 116 years ago that the goal was to implement Labour’s values in office.  Clause 1 of our constitution leaves no room for doubt when it says our purpose is “to organise and maintain in Parliament and in the country a political Labour Party…to promote the election of Labour Party representatives at all levels of the democratic process.”  Continue reading

Female Genital Mutilation: Abuse Unchecked

Today’s Home Affairs Select Committee report on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is an update on our committee’s previous work, continuing our scrutiny of the government’s commitment to tackle this important issue. Continue reading

Stand up for EU citizens

Our amazing capital city is home to people from all backgrounds and walks of life. That’s part of what gives London its strength, energy and dynamism. Citizens of other European countries contribute so much to London. 57,000 work in our NHS. Indeed, one in every ten registered doctors in our country is a citizen of an EU country. European students bring expertise and funding to our universities. Continue reading

Remainers still have a vital role to play

As a passionate supporter of British membership of the EU, I was deeply disappointed by the vote in the referendum for Britain to leave. But pro-Europeans must not, after a narrow defeat, simply cede the field to our opponents and cease to engage with the debate about the UK and Europe. Continue reading

Hold the Tory ‘Leavers’ to account for their promises

The result of the European Union referendum was devastating for everyone who passionately believes that Britain is stronger, safer and better off as part of the EU. I know that the vast majority of us in the Labour family feel deeply disappointed. But we should be proud that we fought the good fight in making a principled and distinctively Labour case for Britain's place in Europe. Continue reading

How I'll hold the Brexiters to account

The Vote Leave campaign was without doubt the most cynical, opportunistic and dishonest political operation of my lifetime. The sickly concoction of invented statistics, warped facts and impossible promises was enough to make anyone feel queasy. Tragically, they won the referendum. But all that means is that pro-Europeans should redouble their efforts to hold these Leavers to account. Continue reading

Brexit has exposed deep rifts throughout the UK and now we must learn to heal

Here we are, two months on from the Vote Leave campaign's victory in the European referendum , the consequences of which have yet to unfold. The Prime Minister Theresa May says "Brexit means Brexit " but no one is any the wiser what that means. Continue reading

We must listen to Leave voters but Britain cannot go back to the bad old days

By voting to leave the European Union last month, the British people decided to reject freedom of movement and, in an instant, changed the terms of our national debate around immigration. Politicians from all sides now have to accept that reality and design a new immigration system that both works, and reflects people's concerns. Continue reading

As a black man I need to speak out about prostate cancer

I was only recently made aware of some startling statistics: one in four black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime; one in 12 will die from the disease. This is double the risk faced by white men in the UK. Continue reading