London Mayoral election 2016

I am absolutely over the moon to have a Labour Mayor in London again. Sadiq and his dynamic team have run a superb campaign. Sadiq's thoroughly modern campaign has been pro worker and pro business, united rich and poor, talked to the young and old, and people of all faiths and none.  Continue reading

Tax Return 2015

Since becoming a Member of Parliament, whilst serving on the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee and during my four years as Labour's Shadow Business Secretary, I have argued for tax transparency, and for tax avoidance and evasion by corporates and individuals to be addressed. Continue reading

Letwin / Booth 1985 Memo

I grew up in Lambeth during the time of both Brixton riots. My mother was out shopping with me and my sister - we were both very young - in the middle of Brixton when the first bout of riots kicked off on 10 April 1981 and we quickly fled the area. Continue reading

Extending UK military intervention in Iraq to Syria

I am writing to tell you what I intend to do, ahead of the vote later this evening in the House of Commons, on extending the UK's ongoing military intervention in Iraq to Syria. Continue reading