Proportional Representation


A cross party group of MPs who support reform of Westminster's First Past the Post electoral system are to come together to launch a group in the House of Commons to campaign for the adoption of a proportional representation voting system for General Elections.

Chuka and Jonathan Reynolds, the Labour and Cooperative MP for Stalybridge and Hyde who presented a new Representation of the People Bill to Parliament in December 2015, have held talks with MPs who helped sponsor the "Reynolds Bill" on setting up the new group. Bill sponsors included UKIP MP Douglas Carswell, Green MP Caroline Lucas, Plaid Cymru MP Liz Saville-Roberts, Lib-Dem MP John Pugh plus Labour MPs Ben Bradshaw, Paul Blomfield, Daniel Zeichner and Richard Burden.

Mr Reynolds will set up and Chair the All Party Parliamentary Group to Make Votes Matter this week which will work towards the introduction of a system of proportional representation for Westminster elections. Chuka and Mr Reynolds have previously proposed the adoption of the Additional Member System (used for Scottish Parliamentary elections) for national General Elections.

The momentum for a change in the UK's electoral system will continue at a mass conference in London today called under the banner of the 'PR Alliance'.

Commenting on the new group, Jonathan Reynolds MP said: 'We need a system which keeps the best bits of what we have now, such as the constituency link for MPs, but which also better represents how people vote. The present system, where one party can get under half the vote in a region but over 90% of the MPs, is unrepresentative and breeds disaffection."

Chuka said: "Our democracy is in crisis and our national institutions seen as increasingly remote. We have to accept reality - two party politics in the conventional sense is over and the British people simply won't continue to put up with an electoral system which is so unfair, disenfranchises millions and distorts political debate. We cannot allow discontent with the system to grow -- that is why we must act."