What impact would Brexit have on the live music industry?


This article was first published on the New Day on 11 April 2016. 

Being part of the EU makes the live music industry stronger. Thanks to the EU, the whole of Europe is our home market. This means British acts can freely tour and sell their records in a market of 500 million people. Europe is the second biggest market for our music exports. 

EU funding also plays a part, with a £1.1 billion pot of funding for the creative industries. Britain has a 46 per cent success rate at accessing this money for our projects – double the EU average.

EU regulation, which turns 28 different sets of rules into one single standard, provides a stable legal framework for the music industry in vital areas like copyright law. Standardised laws mean British bands’ songs are protected from being plagiarised by European imitators. 

Any music-lover would be gutted to miss Glastonbury. But this year, the future of British music could be at stake, so make sure you vote to remain in Europe first.