Home Affairs Committee

Chuka was elected to the Home Affairs Committee in October 2015. The committee holds the Government to account on the policy, administration and expenditure of the Home Office. Chuka is currently campaigning on three key areas:

Youth violence

The London borough of Lambeth, where Chuka's Streatham constituency is situated, has a serious problem of youth violence and the proliferation of gang culture amongst a significant minority of young people. Since 2010, as Chair of the London Gangs Forum, Chuka has worked with youth workers and others to tackle this issue and share best practice in London on prevention. Chuka is pressing the Government to do far more on this issue and ensure there is a strong Labour voice on this issue.


Chuka represents one of the largest African and Caribbean populations in the country. If you are of an African or Caribbean background, you are still significantly more likely to be stopped and searched, arrested and sent to prison in 2015 - sixteen years after the ground breaking MacPherson Inquiry into the botched investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence found there to be 'institutional racism' in our criminal justice system. In Government Labour led the way in starting to tackle these inequalities -- Chuka wants to ensure this Conservative Government follows that example.


Chuka believes that we need a more rational debate on immigration. This needs to be focused on supporting immigrants to integrate into the wider communities where they settle. Chuka will hold the Government to account for their record on this issue and call for more resources to help support measures to promote integration.