London Mayoral election 2016

I am absolutely over the moon to have a Labour Mayor in London again. Sadiq and his dynamic team have run a superb campaign. Sadiq's thoroughly modern campaign has been pro worker and pro business, united rich and poor, talked to the young and old, and people of all faiths and none. 

It engaged with the aspiration all Londoners share to get on and it has embraced the future. It has been a text book example of how Labour can wins elections. 

With Sadiq in City Hall, and a strong team of Labour Assembly Members, Labour won't be shouting from the sidelines - we will be able to take really action to improve the lives of Londoners. Whether it be tackling the housing crisis, increasing equality or reducing poverty and helping Londoners get on. That's is, after all, what we all came into politics to do. 

It is also great to see Londoners reject David Cameron and his Tories' nasty dog whistle campaign. If you peddle prejudice you will lose, and rightly so.