Making the A23 safer


Supporting local resident campaign group, Safer A23 in Streatham, Chuka and Labour Lambeth Councillors convened a meeting with senior representatives from Transport for London to press for action to secure safety improvements on the A23.

Many Streatham residents will know that stretches of the A23 can often feel extremely unsafe for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. This road has seen a significant number of accidents resulting in fatalities or serious injury over the years, each one being one too many, and many residents report a sense of feeling unsafe, especially at busy junctions and crossings, such as St Leonard’s junction.

During the meeting, Transport for London agreed to a series of commitments to improve safety both immediately and in the longer term, and they have offered to work with residents to ensure that local voices are involved in the development of proposals.

A summary of these commitments can be found below. Chuka will be convening another meeting in the early spring to review TfL’s progress on these measures:

  • TfL will look at installing 30mph road signage on the approach to speed cameras along the A23 through Streatham.

  • TfL will involve local residents in the development of proposals for improvements to the A23 between Streatham Hill station and the South Circular, which will aim to remove the ‘motorway feel’ and improve safety measures. TfL outlined that the go-ahead for these works should be finalised by the end of 2016.

  • TfL will develop further proposals for improvements to St Leonard's Junction, and will seek to involve local residents in inputting ideas and commenting on further design work-in-progress.

  • TfL will review and adjust the traffic light phasing at the junction of Leigham Court Rd and Streatham High Road (to avoid turning traffic directly onto a pedestrian crossing)

If you would like to find out more, or get involved with the Safer A23 campaign visit their Facebook page here