Employment tribunal fees


Chuka has spoken out against Tory attempts to rob working people of their ability to be treated fairly and properly rewarded in the workplace, standing in the way of people enforcing their rights in a court of law.

15,025 employment tribunal cases were received in April-June 2012/13 – but only 4,577 in April-June 2016/17! Individual cases brought to employment tribunal have seen a 67% decrease, while multiple cases (of more than one person) have seen a 72% decrease.

Chuka said: "Employment tribunal fees are denying thousands of people, who feel mistreated, bullied and intimidated in the workplace access to justice. Justice should not be determined on whether you can afford to play the legal fees – but on honesty, integrity and fairness.It's a disgrace for the Tories to pose as the Party for workers while attacking people’s rights."