EU referendum


On Thursday 23 June the UK voted to leave the European Union by 52% (17.4 million votes) to 48% (16.1 million votes). Responding to the result, Chuka said: "I am immensely proud to be the MP for Streatham, the area where I was raised and lived for many years. 

"I am also proud that Lambeth recorded the highest vote share the country for Remain – almost 80% of Streatham residents voted to Remain in the EU.

"Like many of you, I am concerned and disappointed by the referendum result. I put everything into fighting for Britain to stay in the EU - I campaigned in 10 London boroughs, represented the case for Remain at debates against the likes of Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith and Nigel Farage, visited small and medium-sized businesses, met hundreds of employees, and visited universities and student unions speaking to hundreds of students on the case for remaining in the EU.

"Everyone who voted for remain did so for their own reasons, whether they were economic, environmental, the protection of workers’ rights, national security, or simply an internationalist outlook. Although we have lost the referendum, those values and priorities will continue and I still strongly believe, like you, that by the strength of our common endeavour we can achieve more working together and with others than we can alone.

"The referendum has revealed deep divisions in our country, between nations and regions, generations, socio-economic classes, and ethnic groups.

"We must now listen to voices from all sides and find a way to bring together our deeply divided country. I believe that this can be achieved through Labour’s values of human rights and social justice, and to ensure that no matter what your starting point in life, if you work hard, play by the rules and put in the graft, all opportunities should be open to you.

"I completely understand that the nearly 80% of Streatham residents who voted to Remain in the European Union are feeling uncertain and concerned about the future. However, I hope that you know that I, as your Member of Parliament, will continue to represent your views and fight your corner during the tough times ahead."

The full breakdown for Streatham is: 

  Remain Leave
Brixton Hill 81.63% 18.31%
Clapham Common 81.79% 18.00%
St Leonard's 78.99% 20.88%
Streatham Hill 80.67% 19.19%
Streatham South 73.33% 26.55%
Streatham Wells 78.23% 21.65%
Thronton 79.38% 20.44%
Tulse Hill 80.25% 19.60%
Total 79.28% 20.58%