Streatham Festival Reception


Chuka welcomed to parliament the organisers and supporters of Streatham Festival to thank them for their hard work to make the Festival happen each year. This year’s festival – “Celebrate Streatham” – will take place from 7 - 9 July with over 100 events and activities planned all over Streatham.

The Reception was a great opportunity for local residents and businesses to find out how they can support this year’s event.

Thanking Streatham Festival organisers, Chuka said: “Streatham Festival represents the best of our community. It is ultimately about bringing people together in celebration of our area, local businesses and cultural offerings, and is a brilliant example of how we can connect different groups, sometimes existing in parallel within our community. This evening has been a great opportunity to thank the fantastic Festival Committee, all volunteers who work extremely hard and give up their free time to organise this brilliant event each year.”

More information on Streatham Festival is available here: