Ticket Office closures


Chuka has spoken out against plans published by Govia Thameslink to close more than eighty ticket stations across routes served by Thameslink, Southern, Great Northern and Gatwick Express, including Streatham, Streatham Hill and Streatham Common ticket stations.

Chuka said: “For far too long passengers in my constituency have watched their fares rise and service decline. These proposals will be a disaster for passengers. It forces them to rely on self-service ticket machines that, shockingly, still fail to offer the cheapest available fare, meaning they spend more money than they should.

“Govia Thameslink need to think again. They must ensure that ticket machines always offer the cheapest fare and that stations clear display all required information so that passengers can make an informed choice about their journey, before they start tampering with their ticket office provision.

"Also, whilst Govia Thameslink have given assurances that there will be no job losses as a result of this, I remain very concerned that the number of station staff could be reduced impacting staff and passenger safety."

Chuka added: “I want to thank the Campaign for Better Transport for their work highlighting this important issue."