Sass & Belle


Chuka visited the headquarters of Sass & Belle in Brixton today to highlight the growing support of businesses and entrepreneurs for Britain remaining in the EU.  During the visit Chuka talked with employees to answer their questions and concerns about the upcoming EU referendum. 

Chuka said: "As the head of London First and former Chairman of Tesco said , the idea that business is split down the middle on the EU referendum is pure fantasy 

“Survey after survey by major business organisations, representing firms of all sizes and sectors, show continued EU membership is the choice of business – nothing Leave campaigners say can alter these facts. Employers are clear – British business and jobs are stronger in Europe.” 

Richard Stone, founder and Managing Director of Sass & Belle, said"For growing businesses like us it is vitally important to stay in the European Union and the single market. Our biggest trading partners are in the EU.  

"We don't know what leave looks like and there are too many unanswered questions for business and our employees, many are from the EU and do not know what leave looks like for them and their families."