Youth Violence Commission


Chuka spoke at the launch of the Youth Violence Commission, a cross-party initiative that will work with young people, communities and experts, to better understand how violence manifests in young lives, and stop the cycle of violence impacting our young people. 

Speaking at the launch of the commission, Chuka said: “In Lambeth we have seen an increase in youth violence, particularly with gun and knife crime. I refuse to stand by and do nothing while young people are dying on our streets. If this was a case of young, middle class kids stabbing each other it would be all over newspaper front pages. But there is a view, which we need to challenge, that youth violence is just something that happens in certain communities.

“This is an issue which the whole of our society needs to tackle - not just as a criminal justice issue but also one of mental health, community cohesion and social integration. Too many of our young people are dying on our streets. This is a national priority.”

You can keep update with the work of the commission on Twitteron Facebook, and signing up to get involved on the website.